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Dr. Fred C. Schwarz

The Christian Anti-Communism Crusade was founded by Dr. Fred C. Schwarz in 1953 in the State of Iowa where it still retains its legal identity. Its headquarters was moved to Long Beach, California for most of its existence and upon Dr. Schwarz' retirement in 1998, it has made its most recent move to Manitou Springs, Colorado where the organization is presently under the leadership of Dr. David A. Noebel, president of Summit Ministries.

For 45 years Dr. Schwarz led the Crusade writing a monthly newsletter and speaking throughout the United States on the evils of Communism. He wrote the best seller - You Can Trust The Communists (to be Communists) and shortly before retiring, he wrote Beating the Unbeatable Foe (published by Regnery).

Dr. David A. Noebel

One of the tasks of the present Crusade is to make his writings available both through the Internet and through the monthly publication The Schwarz Report. All issues of this report plus many of Dr. Schwarz' works may be found on this site.

Dr. Schwarz took Communism seriously and battled it his whole life. He knew in his heart it was the very mask of Satan (who lies, steals, murders and destroys - John 10:10). He had the courage to tell the naked truth about it while The New York Times lied about it for nearly the whole 20th century. For his efforts he was unwarrantedly labeled everything but a decent human being.

As difficult as it might be to believe today, the anti-anti-Communists considered their opponents, such as Dr. Schwarz, to be more dangerous than the Communists. The Communists, however, were responsible for the death of millions (see Stephane Courtois' The Black Book of Communism and R.J. Rummel's Death By Government) while Dr. Schwarz labored to preserve life. Yet to this day, the liberal-leftists anti-anti-Communists in America have never apologized for their smear tactics and efforts to destroy those who were seeking to tell the truth about Communism. If the truth were known, they were much closer to the Communist's worldview than they were willing to admit.

If someone in our audience is wondering why this ministry, the Christian Anti-Communism Crusade, should be carried forth in the 21st century, let me make just two observation. First, one of America's best but least known theologians, D.A. Carson, in his The Gagging of God, says that Christians must continue to maintain a "well-directed assault against the ideas of Marxism, Freudianism, evolution and postmodernism" (p. 426). And second, the slaughter of the 20th century is reason enough to keep all eyes on these Marxists/Leftists/Socialists groups. An old Russian proverb goes like this: "Dwell on the past and you'll lose an eye; forget the past and you'll lost both eyes." We do not plan to forget the past or fail to pass on to the next generation the great benefits of Biblical Christianity, morality, truth and freedom.

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